Are you ready to get serious? Training for a fitness competition takes time, dedication and 100% commitment. And its not something that can be done overnight. If it was everybody would be doing it.


Why do we rock? Well because we are good at what we do. We train girls like girls – so try and keep up. Oh and we get you into ridiculously good shape too. Its what we do

If you’ve been through the site and looked at our obligatory ‘ABOUT’ section you’ll see we cater for just about anyone. Whatever your goal. Whatever your training history. Whatever your reason. And we do it in style. No room for average here. Average can go and jog on – just like your generic training programs, pigeon food diets and your quick fix magical fat loss fairy dust . . . that can jog on and never come back.

So how do we do it? Well we offer different training options for starters. So if you are looking to train one on one with a private coach or if you are looking to train in a semi private group read on. If you are looking at getting one of our specifically designed results based Bikini or Stage Ready programs then read on. If you are looking at following one of our Online Coaching Courses then yep you’ve guessed it read on.

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So have you decided which option suits you?

Are you are ready to get yourself into ridiculous shape. Sort your diet out. And get the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you are ready to look and feel better the SENSIBLE way through proper training and nutrition?

Are you ready to seek out the guidance of an expert coach?

If so, I ***high 5*** you.

We are so confident that we know our stuff. We are so confident that we kick ass. And we are so confident that you will too if you work with us that we offer all our personal training clients a FULL money back guarantee if they arent happy with their results.

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