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'Cliona is a brilliant coach with just the right mix of ass-kicking and hi-fiving!'

I spent years, starting and stopping different exercise and diet plans without really getting anywhere, without seeing results and eventually just stopping altogether.

In the last year, Cliona helped me to set goals and has provided me with the support I needed to not only achieve these goals, but to make a genuine and lasting difference to my life. Since starting with Cliona, she has helped me achieve my weight loss goals and so much more than that.

- Aoife | Marketing Executive -

I have been working with Cliona for about 8 months and I am absolutely delighted with my progress – not just physically, but also psychologically. When we first met i had no distinct goals other than I knew I wanted to be stronger (okay, and leaner) and I needed someone to advise me. Training with Cliona is a blast. Full of variety, challenge and support. Very quickly I began to see my body had more structure and I could see progression through different exercises. It was so exciting to start to see proper definition in my legs for the first time ever!

Beyond my physical changes, Cliona has taught me to love my big shoulders (!) and completely overhauled my relationship with food. For the first time in my adult life I’m eating enough to actually fuel and support my body – meaning better sleep, better moods, better training and happy girl muscles!!

I’m now very excited to be working towards my first bikini show in 2015, and I know I’m doing it with the foundation of a healthy mind and body, and the best training support I could hope for.

- Carolyn | Director, Fixxl Ltd. -