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'Cliona is a brilliant coach with just the right mix of ass-kicking and hi-fiving!'


Work one on one with one of our expert and specialised coaches. And that’s exactly what our personal trainers are. They are coaches. And pretty damnable good ones at that.

Any old donkey can hold a clipboard and count to ten. But a top quality coach will do more than just walk you through your session.

A decent personal trainer will look to educate you as you train. They will explain the different types of exercises you are doing, the various progressions involved, volume loads, why burpees and squats rock . . . all that kind of fun stuff

And that’s what all our expert coaches do. They EDUCATE as they train. They help you set goals – and realistic ones at that. They hold you accountable to your plan of action, reviewing your training program on a regular basis to ensure you progress to your full potential.

Our trainers don’t just rehash the same stuff on you month in month out. They take the time out to reprogram and reset to keep you in line with your goals.

Even as they change. And trust me they will.

Or even as you create new goals. And its ok to do that too.

Once you get awesome looking – you will want to get more awesome looking and so on

All our personal training clients are serious about their plan of action and fully committed to hitting their end result. Whether that’s fat loss, muscle gain or walking out on stage. And our team of expert coaches work closely with them – one on one – to ensure they do.
Curious? Why not book in for a free consultation and goal setting session today.

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