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Semi private training primarily designed for those looking to compete in bikini, fitness or physique modelling competitions. On a National and International platform. If you don’t want to step out on stage but want to look like you could . . . or should . . . or whatever (you know where I’m going with this) then check out our Female ‘don’t want to step on stage but still’ Stage Ready Project below.

These courses run for 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. Simple as.

Why don’t we offer 12 week Stage Ready Projects? Well because quite frankly they don’t work. Not for competition prep anyway. And certainly not if you are serious about competing on stage.

Training for a fitness competition takes time, dedication and 100% commitment. And its not something that can be done over night. If it was everybody would be walking around rocking their bikini abs all year round.

Plus all our programs – private and semi-private – are tailored to each individual client for each individual show. We assess you and help you pick the right competition, the right category and help you create the exact routine you need to walk out on stage and nail it.

T-walks, quarter turns, posing, stage presence – we cover all that fun stuff too. Its not just about looking good you know

  • 3 training sessions weekly with you personal trainer
  • Goal setting and accountability sessions to keep you on track
  • Individually tailored nutrition plans
  • Posing and stage presence sessions (very important!!!)
  • Monthly seminars/coaching calls addressing common competition stuff – tan, bikinis, competition heels – loads of girly things!
  • Access to our private ‘Stage Ready’ online forum
Interested yet? Why not book in for a free consultation and goal setting session today.
One of our super nice competition prep coaches may even show you our special competition calender so you can start planning out your very own competition